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Speech by the Chairman of the Board of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan at the online meeting of the Council of the International Union of Architects

On 23 July 2020, the UIA Council meeting was held. During the meeting, Elbay Gaism-zada, the Chairman of the Board of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan, a UIA Council member, made a special statement on aggression in Tovuz taking place on the 12th July. We send you the full text of that statement:  

"As you knowt, the whole world is currently experiencing a major problem related to coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is trying their best to overcome this challenge. A lot of work is being done in our country to cope with this disease, and we have a number of successes.

However, our country has another problem which has nothing to do with any disease. As you know, on July 12, 2020, the Azerbaijan border was attacked by Armenia. You know that Nagorno-Karabakh problem has been going on for thirty years. As you know, the whole world recognizes Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and the UN 's Security Council has adopted four resolutions on the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. This is our problem and we are trying our best to solve it. We would like to resolve this problem peacefully, and we are doing everything needed for this. However, the events of July 12 did not take place in Karabakh. This is an attack on the Azerbaijan territory, several hundred kilometres from Karabakh.

You all know that for 12 years, I have never tried to politicise my work within the Council. Almost all of you attended the Forum held in Baku last year, you saw what Azerbaijan is and who Azerbaijanis are, you met with the President of Azerbaijan and understood that he is a highly cultured, modern, thoughtful person.

During the forum, you viewed an exhibition that showcased the current state of all architectural monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Today we meet on the day of the occupation of Agdam, one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan, which took place 27 years ago.

We have no territorial claims against anyone, we have only one demand - the return of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

I would like to note that many of you reacted to this tragedy and supported us by sending your letters. These are our friends - Esa Mohammed, Sherban Tiganas, Mohammed Munyanya, Nikos Fintikakis, Jose Luis Cortes, Vassilis Sgoutas, Pei Ing TAN, Jerzy Grochulsky, Istellianna Atanassova, Tawfik El RASHADY, Kevin BINGHAM and others. Thank you for your support and kind words, we needed them and we have got them from our friends.

I have already said that we want our lands to be liberated peacefully. But I know that if this does not happen, there are other ways to liberate our lands, and we will use these ways.

I hope that then we will have the honour to receive you in the historical land of Azerbaijan - in the centre of Karabakh, in the magnificent city of Shusha, which deserves to be visited by many distinguished guests.”

I want you to accept my words with understanding and thank you again for your support!”

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