UIA Council online meeting held.

Yesterday, June 16, the regular meeting of the UIA Council was held. Although it was organized remotely and a time difference was between the countries,   a mood of joy and emotional uplift among the colleagues was felt. After the usual greetings, UIA President Thomas Vonier gave the floor to some members of the Council from the regions. The Chairman of the Board of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan Elbay Gasim-zade informed the colleagues about the difficulties that have arisen in the profession due to the pandemic and the measures undertaken by the government to address these difficulties throughout the country. He emphasized the relatively positive development of the situation against the COVID-19 virus in the country and expressed confidence that in a short time architectural work will be resumed.

The speeches of other members of the Council were also devoted to problems in the profession in connection with the pandemic. It is regrettable to realize that there are countries in which creative processes are completely destroyed.

The next online meeting of the Council will take place on July 23.

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