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Charter of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan (UAA) is a voluntary professional creative association of architects of the country.

The Union shall carry out its activity following the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and this Charter, and shall establish relationships with Unions of Architects and other creative associations of foreign countries.

The activity of the UAA is based on the principles of the democracy and self –governance, publicity, initiative and responsibility of each member of the UAA for his/her tasks, and abidance by the provisions of this Charter.


1. Duties of the Union of Architects (UA) of Azerbaijan


The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan shall:

1.1 Develop creative concepts and implement the development strategy of Azerbaijan architecture together with the governmental bodies;

1.2 Help implementation of laws adopted in the area of architecture and urban planning;

1.3 Promote the creation of architectural works to meet humanist ideals of the democratic society, protect a diversity of creative positions of Azerbaijan architecture

1.4 Promote protection of historical architectural and natural environment, careful attitude towards architectural monuments,

1.5 Actively affect human resources policy in the area of architecture, address, jointly with governmental and cooperative bodies and institutions, the issues of recruitment, promotion and placement of architectural staff;

1.6 Promote improving architectural education, continued improvement of professional skills of architects in the country, take care of training and bringing up of a young generation in the profession

1.7 Stimulate the growth of creative skills of architects, protect architect's talent and identity, their copyrights, take appropriate measures for recognition of architects' creative work at the state level.

1.8 Study and form public opinion on architecture; involve a wide public in a discussion of the projects developed, promote high public, cultural and artistic status of the profession;

1.9 Propagate achievements of Azerbaijan architecture, promote the development of printing and architectural critics, organize show and exhibitions and sale of the works of architectural, painting and applied arts;

1.10 Develop cooperation with UAs of foreign countries and other creative unions.


2. Members of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan, their rights and duties


2.1 Certified architects with 3-year work experience, who are residents of the country, gained a reputation for personal creative works in any area of architectural profession, accept the Charter of the Union, are involved in the public life of the UA of Azerbaijan may be admitted to membership in the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan.

2.2 Representatives of other professions may join the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan subject to their personal achievements in architecture or their valuable contribution to the architectural profession.

2.3. Architects from other countries may be members of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan but they shall not participate in election.

2.4 Title of Honorary Member of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan may be awarded to local and foreign architects and specialists of other sectors who have played important role in the development and propagation of Azerbaijan architecture

Note: Honorary Members of UAA shall not participate in the elections

2.5 Admission to membership of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan shall be provided by the Board or by the Secretariat on an individual basis based on a protocol compiled after prequalification of a nominee by the Admission Committee. Admitted members of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan shall be given uniform membership cards and lapel pins;

2.6 Member of the UAA shall:

a) Comply with the Charter of the UA of Azerbaijan, follow the decisions of the Congress of architects and plenary sessions of the Board of the UA of Azerbaijan;

b) Actively participate in one of the organizations of the UA of Azerbaijan;

c) Observe discipline

d) Pay regular membership fee

e) Strive to raise the reputation of the Union of Architects and to ensure its unity.

2.7 Members of the UAA shall have the following rights:

a) Participate in public organizations and organizations subordinated to the UA of Azerbaijan, and make proposals on improving their activities, participate in meetings of the elective bodies discussing the issues affecting their interests ;

b) Make use of all types of the creative, consulting, legal and methodological assistance provided by the UA of Azerbaijan

c) Conduct author's supervision, regardless of the work place, and with the co-author's agreement

d) Carry out professional work in state and cooperative organizations, creative associations, and individual workshops on the basis of labor contract; take on lease premises for a creative workshop (collective or individual) through the UA of Azerbaijan;

e) Publish own creative works in press and demonstrate them at exhibitions;

f) Make use of social welfare assistance social and common assistance and established privileges;

g) Approach the bodies of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan with all issues related to protection of professional rights and results of the creative activities;

i) By instructions of the UA, provide advisory assistance on architecture to agencies, public and private organisations and individuals

h) Elect and be elected to governing bodies of the UAA.

2.8. A member of the Union cannot be elected at the same time to the Board and the Audit Commission.

Candidates which received a relatively large number of votes, but not less than 50%+1 of the voting members shall be considered elected.

If according to the results of the voting, quantitative composition of the elective body is not ensured, re-election shall be conducted or the number of the panel of the elective body shall be reconsidered.

Members of the governing body who failed in trust shall be removed from the governing body. A decision on removal shall be made by the body where the said members were elected. The decision shall be considered as taken if more than 2/3 of attendees voted for it.

2.9 For violation of the Charter and for other offenses the following punishments shall be imposed: reprimand, severe reprimand, suspension of UAA membership.


3. The organisational structure of the UAA


3.1 Supreme management body of the UAA is a congress of the architects of the country convened once five year. Rules for participation in the Congress shall be established by the Board of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan. Delegates of the Congress shall be elected by open or secret ballot at general meetings or conferences of local and primary organizations. The number of participants at the Congress shall not be less than one-third of actual members of the Union of Architects.

The Congress of Azerbaijani architects shall:

a) consider the key issues related to architecture and urban planning, and contribute to the identification of directions for their further development;

b) discuss and make decisions on key creative and organizational problems, as well as on current issues of the development of architecture;

c) approve the Charter of the UAA and revise it, if necessary

d) elect, by open or secret ballot, the Board, the Chairman of the Board, the Audit Commission, and heads of other structural divisions, if established;

e) Hear and approve reports of the Board, the Audit Commission of the UAA, and other structural divisions, if established;

3.2. If necessary, an extraordinary congress or a plenum shall be called for solving urgent problems. A decision on convocation of and rules for participation in the Congress or the plenum shall be made by the Board of the UAA not later than 3 (three) months before the Congress or the plenum.

3.3. The competence of the Congress or conference shall be established by the presence of not less than 2/3 of registered delegates. Plenum of the Board shall be considered valid if more than a half of delegates are present.

3.4. The Board of the UAA chaired by the Chairman of the Board shall be the executive body of the UAA in the period between the congresses. The Plenums of the Board shall be convened as necessary, but not less than twice a year.

Note: Extraordinary plenums of the Board of the UAA shall be convened on the initiative or request by the Chairman of the Board, or by not less than 1/3 of the Secretariat members.

3.5. The Board of the UAA shall:

a) Implement decisions of the Congress and carry out creative and public activities of the UAA and supervise the implementation of decisions;

b) coordinate activities of local organizations;

c) define the structure of UAA bodies and direct their activities

d) establish design, creative-production and economic organizations and unions and control their activities

e) collaborate with other creative unions and public organizations of the Republic

f) participate in drafting legislative and normative acts on architecture

g) define the number of the Secretariat, elect its members (by secret or open ballot) and secretaries from its members (by secret or open ballot)

h) ensure the formation of creative work commissions as well as the control of their work plan approval and implementation;

i) report on its activity to the Congress of architects of Azerbaijan;

j) establish the amount of membership fee.

3.6. The Secretariat headed by the Chairman of the Board shall:

a) fulfill its function in the following composition: secretaries, chairpersons of creative commissions, heads of key institutions of the Union of Architects;

b) Carry out creative, organizational, social-welfare, production and economic and financial activities of the UAA, guide the work of creative commissions under the Board, boards of local organizations, and organization and enterprises towards the implementation of the decisions of the congresses and plenums;

c) Exercise control of the implementation of decisions of congresses and plenums, hear and discuss creative reports of local organizations, creative commissions, creative-production and design units, and provide assistance in their activities;

d) Represent the Board of the UAA in the republican governmental, public and international organizations

e) Organize international activity of the UAA

f) Nominate candidates for state prizes, awards and honorary titles

g) Establish prizes (diploma, certificate of appreciation, commemorative medal etc) to encourage the members of the UAA

h) Participate, together with governing bodies of the design and construction complex, in solving the issues related to the development of architecture

i) Appoint chief executives of the UAA administration and subordinated organizations

j) Ensure dissemination of information on the UAA activities, promote architectural achievements of the country through the mass media

k) Normally, the Secretariat shall meet each month. The session of the Secretariat shall be considered valid if more than a half of its members are present. The Secretariat shall report to the plenum of the UAA Board

l) The Chairman of the Board and secretaries shall form the Bureau of the Secretariat and provide daily work of the UAA between the meetings.

3.7. Primary organizations of the UA shall be established with at least 3 members of the UAA available regional organizations of the UAA shall be established if at least five UAA members are available by a decision of the Board.

General meetings shall be governing bodies of primary organizations.

In large organizations (with more than 20 members) report-and-election conferences may be held. Representation quota at the conference shall be established by the Boards of primary organizations.

3.8. Pensioners and individual members of the Union may remain in the UAA or in the primary organizations.

3.9. Primary organizations of the UAA shall follow the Charter and the instructions developed by the Board.

3.10. The composition of the Audit Commission of the UA shall be elected by the Congress. In special cases (when a member of the Audit Commission resigns office or died) changes to the Audit Commission shall be entrusted to plenums held between the congresses. The Audit Commissions shall be elected for a period of the Board terms, and shall report to the Congress which elected them. The meetings of the Audit Commission shall be held at least twice a year.

3.11. The Audit Commission of the UA shall:

a) Control if all management bodies of the UAA comply with the Charter, decisions of the Board plenums, reporting-and election conferences and general meetings

b) Check economic and financial activities of the UAA and relevant Boards of enterprises and institutions subordinated to the UAA

c) Assess organisational and creative activities of the Board, assist in improvement of such activities

3.12. Members of the Audit Commissions shall participate with an advisory vote in the work of the Board plenums and meetings of the Secretariat.

All organizations and institutions of the UAA shall be obliged to provide all documents required by the Audit Commission.




The funds of the UAA shall consist of:

4.1. contributions and membership fees

4.2. Funds, allocated as established by law, by state and non-state design institutions and other organisations which use architect's labour

4.3. Revenues from economic activities of organisations, institutions and enterprises belonging to the UAA and other activities not prohibited by law

4.4. Voluntary contributions (donations) of enterprises and citizens

4.5. Charges for rent of property and resources

4.6. Revenue from the sale of artistic, decorative and applied works




5.1. The UAA, its organizations, regional organizations, institutions and enterprises subordinated to the UAA shall enjoy a legal entity status and have all rights and duties arising from that, in accordance with the established objectives of their activities and legislation in force. The aforesaid subordinated organisations, enterprises and institutions of the UA shall have own seal and stamp.

5.2. The Board (the Secretariat) of the UAA shall have the right to approve the establishment of new local organizations of the Union.

5.3. A self-supporting Architectural Fund approved by the Republican Congress of Architects, with its own Charter, may operate under the Board of the UAA; the activities of the Architectural Fund shall be governed by the Board elected at the congress of architects of the Republic; the Board of the Architectural Fund shall report on its work to the Secretariat (Bureau of the Secretariat) of the Board of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan.

5.4. The UAA shall have the right, according to legislation and this Charter, to create architectural and artistic workshops, design and construction and commercial organizations, technical centers (operative printing art, video-computer centers and other centers) and other organizations, institutions and enterprises (architect's houses, art centers, recreation facilities and centers, libraries, workshops, exhibition centers, specialized institutions and courses, creative studio, etc.), operating as established in Charter or Charters, and to construct buildings, facilities, cooperative houses.

5.5. The UAA shall organize the provision of legal assistance to UAA members, shall represent the members, on their behalf, in governmental institutions and public organizations.

5.6. The UAA and its local organizations shall have the right to conduct architectural exhibitions, shows, competitions, and award prizes related to the events out of own budget or funds raised.

5.7. The UAA shall own its property on the basis of a right of ownership.

5.8. The Presidium of the Board of the UAA and Boards (bureau) of primary organizations and primary organizations shall have a right to annul administrative decisions contradicting objectives and tasks of the Union, and to raise the issues before competent authorities, when necessary.

5.9. Credit managers in the UAA Board shall be the Chairman of the Board or a responsible person appointed by the Chairman, and an accountant general.

5.10. All structural divisions of the UAA shall have right to use property and funds of the UAA in accordance with the procedure established by law.

5.11. The UA activity may be terminated by a decision of a congress of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan. After the liquidation of the Union, a procedure for management of all its funds and property shall be established by a decision of the Congress. 5.12. The Charter shall be adopted at the UAA congress and shall be registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan as established by Law on Public Organisations. The Charter may be amended with changes and supplements adopted by the plenum of the UA Board. The amendments and supplements shall be submitted to the next Congress for approval.

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