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Chairman of the Board:
Gasimzada E.E.
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Mollazadeh F.A. 
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Mammadova G.H.
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Baylarov I.Kh.
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Aghazade R.R.
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General Department:
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Azerbaijan, as a country with an ancient history and rich culture, has made a great contribution to the treasury of world architecture. Among them are architectural monuments belonging to Shirvan-Absheron, Nakhchivan-Maragha, Arran, Tabriz-Sultaniyya and other architectural schools.


The rare works that have survived to this day show the inherent talent of Azerbaijani architects around the world. Azerbaijani architects left their mark not only in Azerbaijan, but also far beyond its borders (Balkans, Central Asia, India and other countries).

Developed on such a solid foundation, Azerbaijani architecture was able to maintain its rich traditions and attained new achievements based on its historic heritage. In 1934, at the initiative of a group of Azerbaijani architects, the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan was created, which is the oldest creative union based on the common interests of our citizens engaged in professional architectural activities. Two years later, in March 1936, the Organizing Committee held the first congress of Azerbaijani architects. The Board of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan (UAA) was elected there and the responsibilities and principles of the Union were determined. Over the past decades, the UAA has made a significant contribution to the development of architecture in our country, played a significant role in the development of young architects and in the success of our experienced architects.

Today, the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan encourages the development of the creative abilities of architects, develops their talents and personality, protects copyrights and promotes their achievements around the world through competitions and exhibitions. The activity of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan is of particular importance for promoting the architecture of Azerbaijan, preserving the national architectural heritage and recognition of our architects around the world.

Today, within the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan, which attaches great importance to the development of architecture in the regions, a number of regional architectural organizations are effectively working. As a professional creative organization, the Union of Architects focuses on improving the effectiveness of all types of architectural work, developing architectural and urban planning activities, strengthening international cooperation and developing national culture. The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan is a member of the International Union of Architects and successfully represents Azerbaijani architects in many international forums and congresses. It is no coincidence that several well-known Azerbaijani architects were awarded the highest awards of the International architectural competitions, and many of our colleagues were elected professors, corresponding members and full members of the International Academy of Architecture. The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan holds an annual competition-review of the work of young architects and students, The Baku International Architecture Award is held biannually by the UAA in association with the International Union of Architects and the Ministry of Culture which.

In 2019, the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, went down in history as the host of the first forum of the International Union of Architects, the prestigious creative association of world architects, and the extraordinary General Assembly of the UIA.

Together with creative committees and a professional ethics council, the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan helps to find innovative and creative solutions for sustainable architectural development through the exchange of professional architectural knowledge and skills. The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan successfully acts as a member of a number of architectural organizations, being recognized by the international architectural community.

24, Murtuz Mukhtarov street, Baku

(+99412) 594-6840

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